5 Best Things To Do in Iran



Not many people have seen the wonders of Iran, a country teeming with historical sites and landmarks that date back to the Persian Empire. If you are thinking of visiting the place, now is the good time to start planning your trip. With so much to explore and experience, here are a few of the top things to do in Iran for the bucket list.

1. Visit the popular city destination of Isfahan and see its beautiful architecture and many other attractions like the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Naqsh-e Jahan Square (Imam Square), Jolfa (Armenian Quarter), Vank Church, and more.

2. See the fascinating sights at the country’s capital city – Tehran. Visit the opulent and stunning lavish Golestan Palace. Admire the glorious array of Persian carpets at the Carpet Museum of Iran and in the city’s Grand Bazaar.

3. Explore the awe-inspiring ancient city of Persepolis, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, that dates back to 518 BC. Experience the feeling of stepping back in time as you take in the magnificent sights of the capital of the Achaemenid Persian Empire.

4. Visit the tombs and pay homage to the famous Persian poets buried in Shiraz. Take a stroll at the city’s iconic Eram Garden. Visit the Pink Mosque and marvel at the breathtaking sight of the colors changing as the sunlight passes through the stained glass windows of the mosque.

5. Enjoy a traditional tea experience with locals and sample some of the scrumptious dishes the country has to offer. Some of the must-taste foods to try when in Iran are the dizi, kebabs, khorosht-e bademjan (eggplant stew with rice), and Halim bademjan (a kind of eggplant stew made with ingredients that include meat and yogurt).